Characters, why are they so important?


“I look to find my book as I go along. Plot comes last. I want a conception of my characters that’s deep enough so that they will get me to places where I, as the author, have to live by my wits. That means my characters must keep developing. So long as they stay alive, the plot will take care of itself. Working on a book where the plot is already fully developed is like spending the rest of your life filling holes in rotten teeth when you have no skill as a dentist.”

Norman Mailer


The art of dramatic writing에서 재차 강조하는 것이 premise와 character인데 Norman Mailer 또한 character의 중요성을 재차 강조한다. Character로 하여금 자연스럽게 plot을 끌어나갈 수 있도록 뿌리가 깊은 캐릭터를 만들자, 안 그러면 6년째 연애중 꼴난다.


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