What is it that we do?


Inventions, recognized early among small number of technological enthusiasts and visionaries, are carefully nurtured and developed. Having the potential to take us places far beyond our wildest imagination, inventions win admiration with hints of pushing for the social boundaries and maybe, just maybe be part of a change. In the end, however, each would take its place to uphold the social structure that has been with us since the Industrial Revolution. Each would be in control by the “old media” giants through which the flow and characteristics of content would be dictated by the reason of profit maximization.

So I wish people, the so called entrepreneurs of the internet era, would just stop flattering themselves for the next big thing they are working on. Geologists has worked side by side with field workers to study occurrence, accumulation, and possibility of exploiting hydrocarbon fuels in sedimentary basins. Well, except for the names and a few other changes if you talk about IT, the story’s the same one; data scientists nowadays study occurrence, retention, and extraction of monetizable information from web users. Not suggesting that inventions have little to do with changing the nature of our existence but having a clear understanding of the work we do would help improving effectiveness and efficiency.


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